Monday, January 21, 2013

Raise Da Roof

You.  Go.  Girl.  Raise it!

Back to the living room ceiling.  Remember when I showed you that the living room was annihilated in the span of an afternoon? He's how it went down,  First, the builder's crew carefully and gingerly peeled back the awesomesauce acoustic tiles on the extended ceiling.

He knew I was taking his picture, but I never said nuttin' 'bout no blog.
So, in the interest of privacy, he gets the black bar.
And  just so we're clear, he *does* have a right arm/hand.

Eventually, we were left with this framed out spaceship.  The house was insulated with a funky, metallic paper, which I think acted as a sort of vapor barrier?  I don't know what the deal was with that.  

Hole. In. Mah. Roof.

And then the builder went from 'careful' to 'just rip that shit down, already'.


Except, upon further research, it didn't.  So, I called off the asbestos-freak-out-party and told the builder to just keep on truckin'.  Which, interestingly enough, he was already doing.

Now, let me just tell you, it is downright unsettling to have giant, gaping, holes in your house.  And it's especially nerve-wracking when said holes occur directly above your face.  In your bedroom.

It's like a tiny slice of heaven shining down on us.
Except it's not.

All I could think about was the plethora of woodland creatures that were going to climb in and snuggle up with us in bed.  And by 'snuggle' I mean bite us when we wouldn't share the pillow.  It would happen and you know it.

With all of the demolition, I was really hoping we'd find something cool and valuable.  Or a massive wad of cash wrapped in a rubberband hidden in the walls.  The only thing I found was an old tobacco can.

*NOT* filled with a wad of cash.

Le sigh.

Tomorrow, I'll talk a little bit about how to keep kids safe in completely unsafe surroundings.  HINT: It involves a chair and some duct tape.   A lot of it.  Plus, I've got Elephant Buffet's first 'before and after' project to toss your way!  Can't wait to share it!

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